OK, I know these blog posts are getting more terse. What can I say, it’s been a busy week and I at least am getting tired. On the other hand, Antonio Martin Carrillo is gaining steam! Check out his detailed blog posts. Despite last night being the conference dinner, nearly everyone made it to the first talk this morning. Although we were a bit quiet..

The day started with contributed talks by Steve Crawford (ccdproc), Anne Archibald (testing statistical tests), and Nadia Dencheva (generalized world coordinate systems).

After morning coffee: Stuart Mumford of Sheffield gave an overview of the sunpy project. Storify here.

Finally lightning talks, Storified below:

The afternoon unconference sessions featured less tweeting and note-taking as we were busy working on lots of different things, such as:

Sessions one/two:

  • Python packaging and releasing, E. Bray slides here
  • astropy modeling, E. Tollerud docs
  • astro-computing education (new wiki page here)
  • ginga collaboration sprint, E. Jeschke

Session three:

  • intermediate git topics, E. Bray
  • Python and galaxies, S. Crawford (notes here)
  • SunPy/wcs hack, S. Mumford
  • Toyz demo, F. Moolecamp repo here

We ended off with some summaries and a quick poll: one of the people who’s been following along on Twitter asked me to find out what fraction of attendees used Python 2 vs Python 3. The answer: about 90% Python 2 and 10% Python 3, but that 10% (5 people) includes some of our most active developers. I guess the rest of us should get our acts together and just switch.