The day started with contributed talks by Althea Morehead (Python for meteors), Edward Gomez (Python in a global telescope network, Vanessa Moss (arxiver; Vanessa also produced an interesting map of where the participants came from. I think I can claim most-national-land-area-per-person title.)

After coffee: Eric Tollerud gave an overview of the astropy project. He took us through some of the history and raised a number of interesting points. Storify here.

Finally lightning talks, Storified here.

Afternoon unconferences, session one:

  • “my first pull request” where new contributors to software packages got a boost to get them over hurdles
  • discussion of astropy.stats, notes here
  • regions and shapes (T. Aldcroft), , notes here
  • roles and organization within Python-astro community (K. Cruz)

Several excited tweets about first pull requests! Here is mine and Haley’s.

Afternoon unconferences, session two:

  • “my first pull request” continued
  • FITS alternatives/replacements (M. Droettboom), ASDF document here
  • astro-Python educational resources (K. Cruz, P. Barmby), notes here

Afternoon unconferences, session three:

  • getting started with Django (E. Gomez, M. Servillat),
  • generalized world coordinate systems (J Turner, N. Dencheva), repo here
  • astropy tutorials (K. Cruz), notes here