I hear that Serial got a lot of people interested in podcasts. I’ve been a podcast listener for a long time, probably close to a decade now. In the Physics & Astronomy blog several years back I listed some of my favorite science podcasts and physics or astronomy ones; I still listen to many of these.

The science podcasts listed above can mostly be categorized as “science journalism” – that is, they involve research or other science happenings being explained to non-scientists. But what about podcasts for scientists, by scientists? Podcasts where people talk about what they’re working on, the tips they have for others so they don’t make the same mistakes? Maybe I listen to too many knitting podcasts where this style is pretty common, but I haven’t yet found it in the science podcast world. The closest so far:

Podcasts about university-level teaching, especially teaching science, are rare too. I’ve found:

Comments on other podcasts are welcome, just as soon as I figure out how to turn comments on.. please tweet at me in the meantime!